Customized Executive Education
We use education to solve business problems
Through its global consortium of preeminent expert instructors from leading universities* and law firms, 86 Pillars combines education with execution to solve problems and foster innovation in business, technology, and law. Our offerings are private, confidential, and customized; instructors hail from leading universities and law firms from around the globe; and learning is based on applying new skills to solve problems and to execute on initiatives, all under the supervision of our skilled instructors.
How do we do this?
  • First, we meet with our clients to have an in-depth discussion to understand the specific business, technical or legal challenges along with the project requirements, objectives and budget.
  • Once we have designed a solution with measurable objectives and learning outcomes together, we locate, assess, and present instructors and consultants who have relevant expertise, experience, and availability to execute on the plan to meet these objectives. Instructors are hand-picked, based on relevance of their expertise to the engagement and hail from the world's most renowned academic institutions* and law firms.
  • Finally, we manage all aspects of the design, development and execution of the engagement to ensure measurable success.
Online Corporate Learning Solutions
Rather than "taking a course" on any pre-packaged topic, by partnering up with 86 Pillars, you will actually assess your current business issues and corporate learning & leadership development programs, identify a set of goals and objectives, and design a plan that will deliver applicable and relevant results.
Our online corporate training and curriculum design platform is specifically tailored to supplement and enhance corporate universities at large global firms as well as fast-growing private entrepreneurial companies.
Our online learning platform enables clients to:
  • Deliver management-approved and professor-led content company-wide, at any time to any location in their global network.
  • Create fully customized and consistent learning and training modules covering any topics relevant to their strategic or corporate learning initiatives.
  • Create on-demand and follow-up modules to ensure the learning experience does not end.
  • Scale their corporate universities to ensure meaningful learning experiences for small management teams and entire divisions, alike.
  • Deliver exciting and highly-collaborative learning opportunities that may even include peers or management fulfilling the roles of instructors.
86 Pillars Executive Education
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