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Over the years, the founders of 86 Pillars have worked with an impressive list of Law Firms* to meet their expert witness needs.
Simply, legal disputes are often won or lost based on the quality of the expert witnesses and litigation support advisors retained. Yet, busy lawyers often do not have the time, or the access to resources, to rigorously and thoroughly locate and vet their experts and advisors. Further, managing the costs of expert services is more important than ever.
86 Pillars provides a novel and unique solution: a neutral, private advisory service to locate, assess, and engage the services of experts and litigation support providers. We help lawyers navigate the complex and otherwise too-expensive world of expert witnesses and litigation support firms, and to engage the right experts at the most reasonable possible billing rates.
This service is designed to complement rather than replace your firm's existing expert witness and vendor selection search process. In addition to our own extensive global network of expert witnesses and litigation services providers, 86 Pillars conducts comprehensive research to locate and assess any and all qualified experts and firms who meet our client's criteria.
We provide expertise from the following networks:
  • Professors, Deans, and Department chairs from the leading universities in North America, Europe, East Asia, Australia, and the Indian sub-continent
  • Numerous boutique consulting firms in specialized fields
  • Scientists, technologists, and health science professionals, operating independently or affiliated with leading global institutions
  • Business executives and entrepreneurial leaders with specialized expertise from numerous public and private firms
  • Public and private litigation consulting firms, large and small
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  • Software System
  • 3G/4G Mobile Telephony Standards
  • Alcohol Beverage Distributor Valuation
  • Warehouse Standard of Care
  • Auto "Info-tainment" Systems
  • Automobile Camera Display Technology
  • Automobile Insurance Product Marketing
  • Liquor Industry Sales
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • California Insurance Code
  • CDO
  • Commercial Fisheries
  • Construction Industry
  • Dam Design and Construction
  • Damages
  • Digital Camera & Camera Phone Image Encoding Technology
  • Digital Video Camera Technology
  • Digital Video Data Compression & Surveillance
  • Dioxin Fingerprinting
  • Economist/Cost Accounting
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Executive Search/Recruitment
  • Royalties Calculations in Oil and Gas Distribution
  • Microprocessor Development Process
  • Fibre Channel and SCSI Protocol
  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • For-Profit-Education False Claims Act
  • Gun Safety & Manufacturing
  • Health Insurance Claims Administration
  • Hospital/Surgical Table
  • Indian Regulatory Act & Bond Financing
  • Industrial Hygienist-Power Generation Equipment
  • Insurance Premium Underwriting
  • Insurance Trust Administration
  • Large Floor-Cleaning Equipment IP Damages
  • LCIA Arbitration Shipping
  • Life Insurance Valuation
  • Market Manipulation Claims
  • Lighting Compliance
  • Medicaid Reimbursement Eligibility for Medical Devices
  • Misoprostol Toxicology/Pharmacology
  • Mobile Platform Location Tracking
  • Mobile Video Codec
  • Mortgage Impairment Insurance and Title Search Alternative Products
  • Mortgage Process
  • Online Advertising and User Profiling
  • Orthopedic Medical Doctor (Back Injury Expert)
  • Pain Management/Anaesthesiology
  • Paper Mill Wastepaper
  • PCI Technology for Server Blade Connections in Networking
  • Premises Liability Expert (Public Transit Systems)
  • Product Design Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychiatrist/Psychologist on Sexual Abuse
  • Re-Underwriter
  • Reinsurance Industry
  • Sand Mining/Dredging
  • Satellite Communications
  • Saudi Registration/De-registration Requirements
  • Semiconductor LED Manufacturing
  • Servo Controls & Retroreflection
  • Sliding Door Systems Mechanical Engineering
  • SONET/Telephony
  • Standard-of-care for Child Sexual Abuse Claims
  • Records Management
  • Streaming Video Patent Infringement
  • Structured Sales Process
  • Subsidence
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Title IV Compliance Audits
  • Tree Removal Federal Regulations
  • User Profiling and Video Streaming
  • VoIP-based Systems Technology
  • Water Usage and Permitting
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Standards
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