What is 86 Pillars™?
86 Pillars™ Education Group is the culmination of a 20 year effort by the founders to connect leading experts with "outside of work" engagements that are stimulating, provocative, and lucrative. Over the years we have engaged experts with thousands of consulting, expert witness, and speaking engagements. What we have discovered: the most rewarding and stimulating of these projects are educational: serving as educators, advisors, and speaking to captivated and appreciative global audiences; helping leading experts to go from success, to significance.
At the same time, our clients -- leading public, private, and entrepreneurial companies -- have expressed frustration over the "status quo" options for professional education, and have found few options for programs that are dazzlingly interesting, relevant, and reasonably priced. Our clients imagine a better way, in which they can effortlessly organize customized, on-site/in-person executive education programs that not only "teach," but also consultatively coach and advise on topics of immediate importance.
Imagine no longer! 86 Pillars™ has completed an exhaustive year-long effort in which we have "curated," vetted, and organized the world's leading teachers, advisors, and courses in science/technology, business and law. With a wide ranging list of topics and growing, we are able to assist our clients with their custom executive education needs, anywhere in the world, and in any language.
Welcome to 86 Pillars™, where we provide a level of service, and a breadth and depth of educational programming that is non pareil.
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