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Our Service

86 Pillars connects attorneys with experts in all fields. Over the past 20 years, 100% of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms have worked with our search professionals to locate, assess, and engage the best and most qualified expert witnesses for their cases. 86 Pillars provides a novel and unique solution: a neutral, private advisory service to locate, assess, and engage the services of experts and litigation support providers. We help lawyers navigate the complex and otherwise too-expensive world of expert witnesses and litigation support firms, and to engage the right experts at the most reasonable possible billing rates. This service is designed to complement rather than replace your firm's existing expert witness and vendor selection search process. In addition to our own extensive global network of expert witnesses and litigation services providers, 86 Pillars conducts comprehensive research to locate and assess any and all qualified experts and firms who meet our client's criteria. Please contact us for a level of service, and a breadth and depth of expertise that is unmatched.

Our Process

We serve as neutral, private advisors to litigators, providing them with access to individual experts as well as to firms who specialize in the required expertise. This approach is far more comprehensive and cost effective than contacting expert providers individually. We help manage the entire process of locating appropriate experts and litigation support firms, vetting them by explaining the case facts on your behalf, and negotiating the billing rates and terms of the engagement.

  • Discuss Case Facts/Define Ideal Expert or Firm - Together we discuss the matter at length, conduct a conflicts check, and determine the criteria for the ideal expert or firm. We also have an extensive and candid discussion about pricing, budgets, and fee estimates.
  • Conduct Expert Search/Research - Our highly trained global research staff conducts the expert search and research. In addition to our existing vast global expert network, we engage collaboratively and openly with many other expert providers to ensure the most comprehensive search possible.
  • Review Candidate Dossiers - Clients will receive a dossier which contains CVs of relevant and qualified experts and firms, as well as personalized descriptions of their expertise and, upon request, a brief video clip of the expert introducing himself to the client.
  • Complete Interviews - 86 Pillars will arrange for one-on-one interviews with the expert witness candidates/prospective litigation support firm finalists.
  • Budgeting and Pricing - 86 Pillars is often able to proactively negotiate favorable billing rates on behalf of our clients. Unlike most firms, we are often able to negotiate fixed fee engagements if warranted.
  • The Engagement - 86 Pillars will manage all aspects of the engagement to ensure the client's expectations are exceeded.