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86 Pillars™ Customer Acquisition Services

Beyond helping clients to find the best and most suitable experts, 86 Pillars also works with firms and individuals who have valuable expertise and wish to access a larger universe of paying customers. The 86 Pillars Customer Acquisition Service is, in essence, an outsourced marketing/lead generation function in which we dedicate a team of 5-10 professionals to handle all aspects of the marketing process.

Unlike typical "lead generation" offerings, our work is done by a highly skilled team of marketing professionals and is led by Russ W. Rosenzweig, a globally recognized marketing executive with an MBA in entrepreneurial marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Collectively the team has generated millions of dollars in new sales for its customers using this proven methodology.

Our service involves:

  • Thorough and rigorous research to determine the characteristics of the ideal client profile and customer segmentation strategy
  • Building a hand-picked database of thousands of prospective clients including names, e-mails addresses, and phone numbers
  • Crafting highly compelling introductory e-mail messages and phone scripts
  • Implementing and managing the marketing campaign including multiple rounds of e-mail messaging as well as follow up phone calls to ensure receipt and to schedule meetings with the sales team
  • Working closely with the in-house sales team to ensure all leads are contacted and, hopefully, converted to clients
  • Optionally, playing an ongoing "check-in" role to ensure that the new clients are happy, with expectations exceeded

The service is ideal for fast growing private companies who have not yet build a mastery-level "marketing machine." The service is also useful to individual professionals such as attorneys, consultants, and others where it is often more cost-effective to outsource the marketing function than to hire a full-time marketing team. Our pricing is also highly compelling. Since we only work with a small group of hand-picked clientele who have products and services that we personally believe in, we are able to price the service at a “cost plus” model including a small monthly retainer plus a "revenue share" based on converted leads.

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