About 86 Pillars™

Our Mission

To quickly furnish litigation attorneys with the best-qualified, most-persuasive, and most-credible expert witness candidates at the best possible billing rates. To provide subject matter experts with very lucrative and fulfilling expert testifying and consulting opportunities, without incurring the monetary and time investment required to market to the universe of litigation attorneys. Between our predecessor firm, Round Table Group, and ourselves, we have been leaders in the business of connecting experts and clients for over 20 years.

Whether you are a litigating attorney seeking the best possible testifying or consulting expert, or you are a subject matter expert or entrepreneur looking to generate leads and conduct business development without staffing up, 86 Pillars can help you. Contact us now to find an expert, or to be found by clients and customers.

“86 Pillars” refers to the number of pillars that held up the marble roof of the Parthenon, the classical Greek temple to Athena, and center of wisdom and learning. Sitting at the summit of the Acropolis overlooking Athens, the Parthenon symbolizes the cradle of Western civilization, democracy, the scientific method, and the rule of law. The Parthenon represents our core values as a company, and the touchstone of ideals that we strive for every day.