Press Release - 86 Pillars LLC and CIIC are pleased to announce a significant new global joint venture and partnership.
Beijing, China & Chicago, USA 01 December 2011.
86 Pillars LLC is a global advisory firm consisting of university professors, law firm partners, and executives who provide customized executive education programs and consulting services in science, technology, business, and law. The China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC), is one of China's leading global human resources, training, and education firms, boasting a client list of over 150 Fortune 500 brands, with locations throughout China.
Collectively, 86 Pillars and CIIC will:
  • Work collaboratively with leading China-based companies on projects related to expansion into the global marketplace, customized executive education from preeminent scholars and executives, comprehensive research, and technology transfer.
  • Help Chinese universities seeking to develop strategic global partnerships with leading US and European universities, faculty members, and R&D facilities.
"86 Pillars was recently formed in collaboration with an impressive array of US- and China- based executives and university faculty members. Our collective mission is simple, but thrilling: to bring preeminent US expertise to China, and vice versa," said Russ W. Rosenzweig, Chairman and founder of 86 Pillars. "That is why we are so excited to be partnering with CIIC, the leading human resources consulting firm and one of the biggest professional services firms in China. They have their finger directly on the pulse of significant, and potentially even historic, new initiatives in China that would benefit from collaboration with leading US institutions and experts."
Ms. Sun Weina, the General Manager of CIIC, noted that 86 Pillars and CIIC were already making a mark by engaging with leading China-based clients and universities. As well, she commented that an 86 Pillars expert from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management has written an important article for the state-owned publication that was read by thousands of Chinese executives, and that the first workshop from 86 Pillars experts will take place in Beijing in the Summer of 2012.
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