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Entrepreneurship on a Global Scale
Whether advising start-ups and companies on new ventures, our launching our own, one thing's for sure: We are serial entrepreneurs. And with founders in Chicago & San Francisco, and plenty of passport stamps between them, we are deeply committed to entrepreneurship on a global scale.
Over the past 15 years, our team has in-depth experience in launching and growing new businesses and has been honored on numerous occasions by Inc. Magazine as members of the Inc. 500/5000 list of the fastest growing US companies. We are now focused on taking this experience and applying it to launching new ventures focused on East/West initiatives both in the U.S. and Asia.
86 Pillars Executive Education
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UrbanBound takes the pain out of moving to a new city. Lots of advice, tools, content, and exclusive money-saving deals aimed at those in transition. UrbanBound already counts dozens of the largest employers as partners for their new and transferring employees' transition support needs. Information, content and deals are available for those in transition from anywhere, to anywhere in the US.
Just Resolve
Just Resolve is a unique form of dispute resolution that champions and oversees a simple, truth-focused method of investigation and analysis that is driven by party-approved neutral judges, peers or experts, instead of advocate-driven process. In so doing, Just Resolve and its members deliver this much-needed innovation and better practice for resolving disagreements swiftly, affordably and collaboratively.
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